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Chewable Prose

a slash manip journal

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23 January 1986
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It's now easier than ever to navigate chewableprose. Use title sequences to find what you're looking for and remember to check back often as I develop the slashy properties behind each of these titles and add new universes to the chewy staple. All public works can be found under the 'open access' tile (remember: all manips go public after 75 comments, the more you comment the more you see). Enjoy the journey. All gifs made by Chewy, please don't use without credit.

chewableprose is a photo montage (Photoshop manipulation or manip) slash journal. It includes sexually explicit, NC-17 content. If you are underage please do not friend me. Ethically, I feel obliged to inform all viewing this journal that I am writing a PhD on the subject.

Although they are among others, the majority of manipulations inside feature the boys from Twilight, Merlin and Supernatural, as they most take my fancy. This journal is open access, for more information please read open access post, which explains why.

Merlin, Supernatural and Twilight mood themes are courtesy wikked_angel_78, lidi and sophie_lizzie.

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