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22 July 2013 @ 04:48 pm
CHEWYSTORIES Like a beast  


CHEWYSTORIES, the mainstay of this journal. Here I couple manips with ficlets to tell an ongoing 
narrative. This has always set chewableprose apart as a place where you can find porn 
accompanied by prose. The result being a more meaningful and believable slash fantasy, enjoy.

Ficlet | From their first chance encounter with Mordred in the woods, Merlin knew the wild, dark-haired Druid boy from his past would threaten all he held dear. Today his relationship with Arthur, tomorrow perhaps Arthur himself. They were not exactly secretive about their affair, Merlin had seen them on the lawns of the castle. Through a window in Arthur's chambers he had watched it in full. They appeared as one, Mordred's arse in the air, Arthur mounting it like some beast on heat. Merlin tried to look away, but Arthur's thrusts in and out were hypnotic, his groans traveling the distance between their mesh of flesh and the castle walls, creeping to where he stood. The moon had been so bright that night that Merlin could even make out their expressions: Arthur's a contort of deep ecstasy and unbridled passion, Mordred's composed except for a grin and eyes that fixed onto the window where Merlin stood. Arthur had stopped summoning Merlin since Mordred's arrival, and Merlin had stopped waiting for him to.

Merlin avoided Mordred's company as much as possible, going about his duties, hopeful they would distract him from the pain he felt. And it worked, until one afternoon when he was alone. 'Did you enjoy the show,' Mordred's voice came in his ear as he sorted Arthur's laundry. Merlin spun around, startled, his eyes darting around Arthur's chambers in case Mordred was with company, he wasn't. 'What're you doing in here?' Merlin said at last. 'Come Merlin, I've spent more time in these chambers than you of late. I think you know that.' Merlin turned back to the pile of tunics before him to avoid answering. 'Did it make you hard to watch Arthur ploughing my wild hole? To hear him moan as I tightened my entrance around his manhood?' Merlin wanted him gone, for this confrontation to be over. But instead of leaving Mordred lent in closer. So close Merlin could feel his belt buckle press into his lower back, Mordred's breath on his ear, his lips grazing Merlin's lobe as he whispered, 'The show was for you. I wanted you to see Arthur fuck me with an urgency and passion he never would you. I wan–' 'Why?' Merlin said desperately, his eyes wet. 'Because I can.' Mordred ran his palm down Merlin's spine, all the way to his tailbone then between his buttocks, rubbing his opening loose. 'Adjoining the weapons hold beneath the castle you'll find a small room. Meet me there today when the sun is at its highest.' 'And if I don't?' Merlin said in a broken voice, Mordred's fingers massaging his hole. 'I'll leave it to you to dream up all the applications of my power over Arthur's will,' Mordred said, leaving.

Merlin had a terrible secret and Mordred knew what it was. Worse still, Mordred could bend Arthur to his will, with magic or with flesh. Merlin had no choice. At the appointed time Merlin met Mordred where instructed. Merlin was then told to remove his clothes and position himself on all fours on a table in the corner of the room. Mordred then climbed onto the table and fucked him mercilessly, his cock long and thick and uncompromising, reaching deep inside him with a force so severe that when balls deep inside him, the slap of Mordred's sack bounced about the room like rapturous applause. And Merlin had no choice but to take it and hope that Mordred would be spent soon; for, in spite of himself, Merlin felt himself begin to unravel, to invite Mordred in and concede that it was just perhaps the best fuck of his life.     

Notes | This a return to my Arthur/Mordred series. It gives me great pleasure to create a much darker Mordred than we see in the series. Not sure who made the gifs. This entry is public as per my new open access policy.


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chewableprose on August 2nd, 2013 06:53 am (UTC)
Me too Rose. Thanks for your kind words, and glad you like the background image with a much happier Merlin :).