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Slash research project


Since inception, this journal has carried the following statement: “Ethically, I feel obliged to inform all viewing this journal that I am writing a PhD on the subject.” This statement was in the spirit of transparency, it was intended to let people know that I have a dual interest in slash, as both participant and researcher. This post is intended to be a place to engage, so any questions you have, feel free to post them here (or you can send me a private message).
This research is being completed in the Department of Media and Communications at The University of Sydney, my research profile of which can be found here.
The purpose of this journal is to both engage with and contribute to the slash community (which is also an aim of my research). I strongly believe that you cannot study a fannish practice if you are not a fan yourself. I create manips because I am passionate about it and because it’s meaningful to me, I believe this also makes me suited to study slash.
No comments in this journal will appear in my research without your consent. Those whose work will be analysed in this project have given their permission for me to analyse their work. Those who have consented to have their work analysed had the option to remain anonymous or not disclose details such as their LJ username. So all slashers who have been generous enough to allow me to analyse their work as part of my research have had complete freedom in terms of any way in which they wish to protect their identity.
Some have been open, interested and eager to contribute to my research, others have been suspicious. That’s fine, as I said, it means something different to us all. I do respect that, which is why I've put this post together.

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