chewableprose (chewableprose) wrote,

The rules

to be friended you must ...

Have made MORE THAN 100 COMMENTS, no exceptions, even if you’re new. LJ is a big place with plenty to explore. This journal will still be here when you have reached this number

Have your FULL DATE OF BIRTH displayed on your profile, this journal contains NC-17 content

KNOW WHAT YOU’RE IN FOR. My primary fandoms are Twilight, Merlin and Supernatural, however I also do series (particularly on films from the horror genre) and one offs (also see the NOT JUDGE point about the nature of my manips)

REQUEST ENTRY by commenting on the friends only post. Please also tell me a bit about yourself. If you make manips, vids or fic yourself let me know, I’d like to check them out

once friended you must ...

COMMENT REGULARLY and meaningfully, I put a lot of effort into bringing my friends lots of manips. If you appreciate my work you’ll show it through feedback. I understand how busy life can get, but even so, would expect comments when able

NOT STEAL my work and claim it as your own. You will also not re-upload, share, hotlink or sell any of my manips. You may use my manips for bases in graphics provided you credit and let me know you’re doing so

NOT SPAM or request the same manip again and again, I rarely take requests and never demands

NOT JUDGE. In making manips I’m not only interested in the sex. My manips are equally concerned with story (hence accompanying ficlets) and world building. Sometimes sexual arousal is not a consideration at all. In such cases manips might be violent (such as with manips based on horror fandoms). I will always warn if an image may be potentially squickish for someone. If you’re squeamish or only interested in arousal, watch out for warnings and don’t look. But don’t flame

once a journal entry receives 75 comments the manip within will be made public ...

I know many of you have had trouble viewing my manips. From what I understand this is an LJ issue that has to do with me having too many friends with access to friends only folders. I've been thinking about how I can fix this and have come up with this new rule as a solution and thought I should explain it

This journal is friends only for a simple reason, to encourage a sense of community and to ensure that I receive feedback (which is why I have a friending policy that states you must have 100 comments before I add you and comment regularly thereafter)

Those of you currently unable to view manips will be able to see them once the post they are included in receives 75 comments. This is not an unreasonable number, especially considering that I reply to each and every comment I receive (even though the majority have no depth or insight, those who are an exception know who you are and I thank you). Comments are your way of showing your appreciation for the work I put in to bringing you manips and ficlets, unfortunately most of the feedback I receive is uninspiring (maybe that will change now that you know what feedback means to me)

Please do not spam entries just so that the quota is reached. I am doing this as a gesture of goodwill to those who make the effort but are not able to see my work; I also hope it will be an incentive for you all to make a greater effort in providing meaningful feedback (even if you can't see the manip, often there is a ficlet, you can read and comment on that, which will help the entry reach the 75 comment threshold quicker)

I am constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of this journal, and hope those who have been missing out on my manips will be happy with this solution (over the coming days I will be making public the entries that have already received more than 75 comments, entries will be tagged as 'public' once this number is reached, see here for public entries). All the points of my rules post still apply, if I find that making my work public results in spamming of entries or stealing of my work, I will have no choice but to revert to a friends only structure. I should also advise that I will be cleaning up my friends list over the coming months, so if you haven't been commenting, I suggest you start
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