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21 April 2010 @ 06:02 pm
CHEWYVIDS OfficeDick (Part I & II)  
Title | OfficeDick (Part I: Softly sleeping Sam & Part II: Darkly dreaming Dean)
Author | chewableprose 
Fandom | Supernatural
Spoilers | It’s a terrible life (4.17) recut
Pairing | Sam (Wesson)/Dean (Smith)
Rating | (for sex scenes and glimpses of dangly bits)
Running time | 6'22'' (Part I) and 9'38'' (Part II)
Summary | Part I: Softly sleeping Sam By day Sam Wesson works in a tech support call centre, by night he dreams up sexual adventures, always with the same man. The richness of these fantasies, which seep through the humdrum of his daily routine, are Sam’s way of navigating the boredom of his life. With the exception of his friend Ian, Sam has told no one of these dreams; that is until he meets Dean Smith and thereafter, between the real and the imaginary, seems to be no line at all. Sam is convinced this is the man of his dreams, quite literally, and that meeting him years after the dreams had began — and at his new workplace — was no coincidence; and this is something he’s eager to prove. Will Sam’s forwardness awaken in Dean a sexual curiosity? And does an incident in the men’s bathroom indicate that Dean may have some fantasies of his own? Part II: Darkly dreaming Dean After acknowledging that he too prefers men (or "dick", as Sam puts it), sexually naive sales and marketing director Dean Smith begins a tentative affair with the mystery man who cornered him in the work elevator. Together the pair set out to discover what two men who both like dick — and admit they both like dick — should do with that knowledge. Putting research into practice soon follows as Sam finds out that the real thing is so much better than anything he could have imagined. However does sex mean the same for them both? How much does Sam really know Dean and what will they be prepared to sacrifice to continue seeing each other? Will Dean turn out to be the man Sam’s always dreamed of? And if not, will Sam be able to return to a life of dreaming and give up the real thing?
Colour key | sepia tone scenes = Sam dreams/flashbacks, cyan tone scenes = Dean dreams/flashbacks/love scene
Notes (spoilers ahoy) | the premise of It’s a terrible day is essentially that Sam and Dean would find each other and hunt evil (Dean especially) even without their father’s influence, their mother’s death, their blood relation or their own memories (substituted with false memories courtesy of Zachariah). While Zachariah’s intention had been to show Dean that hunting was in his blood, the test also emphasised the deep bond that exists between the boys, a bond that transcends their blood relation. While you may find the end of my video implausible (essentially Dean’s inability to commit to Sam, a metaphor for ‘hitting the road’), a look at the obstacles presented in the episode suggest, I would argue, that it’s not such a stretch. As I read it, one of the obstacles that ultimately kept Dean from agreeing to ‘hit the road’ with Sam was that they weren’t related, as if two men driving through middle America hunting evil was more legitimate for brothers with dead parents and a score to settle than male friends who just enjoy killing things, suggesting that, while the taboo of incest may keep the two sexually apart, masculine taboos of appropriate and inappropriate levels of closeness (such as "sharing a hotel room”) are just as significant in preventing a Dukes of Hazzard-style adventure; this is shown time and again in the series when the pair are mistaken on the road for gay lovers, to which I would argue that the “we’re brothers” response to that assumption is more culturally believable than “we’re just friends”, and hence less threatening (think “two queens” in 1.17: Something wicked). This is the sacrifice I allude to in the video (in the eyes of a career-driven, image obsessed marketing director). It’s also worth noting that while the sexual naivety of Sam and Dean may not be realistic, their exploration, research and fifth-grade discussion of m/m sex was mostly for comedic ends. Further, the premise of It’s a terrible day provided an irresistible opportunity to view Sam Wesson and Dean Smith as ‘blank slates’. If Zachariah only provided the pair with enough false memories to enable them to understand their destiny and role in the coming war, is it not possible that Zachariah (an angel of God) would not provide them with a fully developed sexual awareness; hence, using a psychoanalytic framework, the Freudian/Lacanian (phallic phase = Dean’s discovery of dicks in the men’s room/mirror phase = ‘porn research’/Sam’s dreams = unconscious) sexual development the characters undergo.
Warning | slash
Supplementary footage | Bareback swim team, Cruising for sex: The best of Brent Everett, Dawson’s Creek, Latter Days and Roswell
Soundtrack | Largess and Offer by The Itch
Disclaimer | this is a work of video manipulation based on the CW series Supernatural, the author of this work does not, in any way, profit from the video and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s)

Part I: Softly sleeping Sam

Part II: Darkly dreaming Dean

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chewableprose on July 8th, 2011 09:55 pm (UTC)
Hehe, thanks so much :).